7. Working with Gas

Pressure gauges connected to CO2 incubators

It is prohibited to have unsecured gas containers in HUS areas.


The laboratories equipped with gas pipes are marked with yellow signs for gas under pressure. The pipes for the different gases are attached to the ceiling / wall and are well marked.

The laboratories have access to different gases, most common is CO2 for cell culture incubators.

The laboratory building offers the following gases:


  • Pressure: Make sure that the pressure gauges are set to the correct pressure relative to the instrument to which the gas is to be connected.
  • Control: Gas pipes and pressure gauges are controlled by the technical department at HUS.
  • Gas containers:  All gas containers most be safely secured.


See the Instructions for workplaces with risk of oxygen depletion or increased levels of carbon dioxide here.

See here for more information on gas work.