5. Working with Laboratory Animals (mice and rats)

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The Faculty of Medicine has two animal departments, which have premises at Haukeland University Hospital (Vivariet) and Building for Biological Sciences (BBB).

Vivarium phone: 55 97 37 88.                                E-mail: post@viv.UiB.no
BBB Phone: 55 58 63 15.                                         E-mail: dyrestallen@pki.UiB.no



It is required that those working with laboratory animals should be vaccinated against tetanus. See here for more information.


Competence- LAS courses and practical training

Everyone who works with laboratory animals must have approved training before they can start working independently or be responsible for a research project.

The education and practice plan shall include at least, cf. the Regulation on the use of animals in research attachments E cf. section 24 second paragraph:

1. The provisions of this Regulation
2. Ethics related to the relationship between humans and animals, the value of life and the arguments for and against the use of animals for scientific purposes
3. Basic and relevant species-specific biology related to anatomy, physiology, breeding, genetics and genetic changes
4. Animal behavior, animal husbandry and environmental enrichment
5. Special handling methods and research
6. Animal care and hygiene
7. Recognition of species-specific fear, pain and other strain for the most common laboratory animals
8. Anesthesia, pain relief and euthanasia
9. Use of humane endpoints
10. Claim for compensation, reduction and improvement
11. Design of attempts, if applicable.


Prepare and schedule scientific experiments:

The Animal Department has created an information page on how to prepare and plan a trial, this page can be found here.


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