2: Instructions for labeling and storage of biological material at 5th floor


  • All biological material must be considered as infectious.
  • All samples must be labeled with content, date of storage and name of person in charge of the material.
  • Material that may represent a risk of infection must be risk assessed and especially labeled. See list of classified biological factors (infection risk groups).



  • Samples must also be stored in boxes labeled with the owner’s name and the material it contains.
  • Keep the boxes in a safe place and in such a way that there is minimal risk of breakage.
  • All biological material must be recorded, e.g. in Excel, and stored on a server accessible to your group.
  • Samples in racks are ONLY for short term storage.
  • Patient samples must not be labeled with personal information.
  • When a researcher leaves, he or she must discard sample material that is not to be used anymore and remains be transferred to supervisor/research group leader.