3. Risk Assessment


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The Working Environment Act and its regulations requires risk assessments of working tasks. Risk assessment identifies improvements in our current methods of working, and is therefore a good tool for establishing standardized operation procedures (SOP).  Some common working tasks are identical across different departments, and they have therefore been assessed by the Medical Faculty. Some common risk assessments have been taken care of by the department. However, research groups, core facilities etc. are encouraged to perform their own risk analysis when they are not conducted at a higher level.



Overview of work tasks that require risk assessment:

  • Dangers and problems: Internal Control Regulations § 5, Item 6
  • Health hazards during use and handling of chemicals: Regulations concerning the execution of work § 3-1
  • Danger of exposure to biological factors: Regulations concerning the execution of work § 6-1
  • Danger of propagation damage: Regulations concerning the execution of work § 7-1
  • Health hazard due to exposure to artificial optical radiation: Regulations concerning the execution of work § 16-1
  • Health hazard due to exposure to electromagnetic field: Regulations concerning the performance of work § 16 A-1
  • Danger of radiation*:  Radiation Protection Regulations §18

*These requirements do not apply to low dose radiation sources which are included in the exceptions list section 2, 5 and 6. See item on radioactive isotopes for more information.



Here is more information about risk assessment.

Guidelines for risk assessment involving health, safety and the environment at UoB.