Occupational Health Service


Health check and vaccination

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The occupational health service performs health checks for employees and students exposed to risk factors such as:

  • Biological factors
  • Laboratory animals
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Radioactive isotopes

Work with blood and blood products requires that vaccination against hepatitis B is offered.

Working with animals requires vaccination against tetanus.

A health check should be performed before one starts working  with animals and as soon as possible when working with patient material. It is the responsibility of the employees together with his or her line manger that health checks and vaccination are carried out.

Contact  the health service if you have symptoms related to the work environment, indoor climate or need computer glasses.


See here for more information on health service.


Inclusive working life (IA)

The purpose of inclusive work is to reduce sickness absence, increase the number of employees with reduced working capacity and increase the average retirement age.

For more information, contact your nearest manager or head of administration at the department.

See here for more information about IA.


Pregnancy and working environment

When an employee is pregnant, the employer is required to ensure that the employee will not be exposed to hazards by providing alternative work tasks, and if necessary, relocation of work place.

See here for application form for relocation of work.  (Norwegian only).


If you plan a pregnancy, or you are already pregnant, reflect on your work/research. Talk to your leader as soon as possible. Consider, together with your leader, if you should avoid working with isotopes, cytostatic or other chemicals which may be hazardous to the foetus and which you are feel unsafe to work with. Other co-workers may be able to perform more hazardous tasks on your behalf.


See here for more information on pregnancy and work.

See here for more information from the Labour Inspectorate on “Pregnancy and Working Environment”. (Norwegian only)


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