1. Training


Opphavsrett: Colourbox

The employees need for new and updated work training is determined by his or her current knowledge, as well as the need and desire for competence development.

It is important that all training is documented when it is part of:

  • training program for new employees and students
  • training program for work with biobanking, GMO, animals or radioactivity


New Employee

Each new employee should receive information about general rules at the department and the research group / unit they are affiliated with. This includes information about:

  • Buildings, infrastructure, laboratory facilities, offices and administration.
  • Regulations / procedures for HSE, vaccination and sterile work.
  • Regultions for daily laboratory work with extra focus on cleanliness and waste management.


Courses at UoB


The HSE department offers several HSE related courses. All employees are encouraged to participate in course relevant to their work.

See here for  HSE Courses.

Courses in Norwegian.